Gifts for the Poor

Bless the Poor, and Share Christ

Bless the Poor, and Share Christ

From mosquito nets to water filters, from blankets to sewing machines, each of the items in this category is truly a gift of compassion. Not only does the recipient have a specific need met, they have a chance to hear about the redemptive love of Jesus—the best gift they could ever receive.


Sewing Machine
Jesus Wells

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Outdoor Toilet


Millions of families in South Asia have no choice but to go to the bathroom out in the open. To avoid being seen, many women will relieve themselves only before dawn or after dusk, but they risk assault as they go out into an open field in the dark. Continually returning to communal waste grounds also puts the family at risk of disease. You can help a family, and especially vulnerable women and girls, by giving them a private outdoor toilet.

BioSand Water Filter

$30 each

A BioSand water filter is a tall, cement box that holds layers of gravel and sand. The sand contains micro-organisms that eat contaminants.

For a family that can only access polluted water sources, a BioSand water filter purifies the dirty water so it’s clean enough for drinking, cooking and washing. The clean water will improve the family’s health and hygiene and will give them peace of mind—all of which are expressions of Christ’s care for them.

“I am thankful to [the people] and also to the God who has given this water filter. And through this, now my family and I are rescued from diseases.” —Sachika


Sewing Machine

$115 Motorized, $85 Manual

When you give a sewing machine, you change the recipient’s life. The person who receives your gift will be able to supplement their family’s income, helping provide for their basic necessities and giving them a lift out of the cycle of poverty.

The recipient of your sewing machine, like the recipients of all of these gifts, will get to hear the Good News that Jesus loves them and died for them.

“I love to sew, and I want to bless another lady with a sewing machine.” —Cay H., Smethport, PA


Jesus Well


A Jesus Well gives fresh water to an entire village, improving health and hygiene and even saving lives. The well won’t dry up even during the hottest parts of the year, and the local congregation takes care of maintenance. It shows people that Christ loves them, and it shows Dalits, who are often banned from other water sources, that He values them. The verse on the plaque next to the well shares about the Living Water, and many ask the pastor or believers about it.

“I am so happy to know thirsty people will get water and also be ministered to.” —Rosario D., Woodbridge, NJ


Widows and Abandoned Children Fund


A widow in South Asian society is viewed as a curse. She is often blamed for her husband’s death and ostracized from family and society. Like widows, abandoned children are left to provide for their own livelihoods. These children weave in and out of busy city traffic, begging for spare change or searching for food in the garbage dump. The sidewalk is their bed.

These precious women and children are loved by God, but they need to hear it. The Widows and Abandoned Children Fund provides Gospel for Asia missionaries with the means to help. It gives widows and children the opportunity to find new life and hear about the God who loves them so much that He gave His only Son.

“As a widow myself, I know of the struggles involved in providing for those I love. May my ‘mite’ help in a small way to meet the needs of other widows.” —Susan S., Tupelo, MS


Adult Tricycle


These tricycles are operated with the arms rather than the legs, so those who can’t use their legs can still get where they need to go.


$12 each

Millions of Asian homes have no heater, other than maybe a small fire for cooking. Purchasing a blanket will provide comfort and protection against the harsh, winter elements. Each one will help keep a person warm in their frigid climate.

“A blanket will warm their body and warm their heart, knowing that someone far away cares for them very much.” —Deborah T., Beebe, AR


Women's Literacy Fund


How can you protect women, help keep them and their children healthy, and give them the opportunity to know Jesus more? Through Gospel for Asia’s Women’s Literacy Fund. When women learn to read, they can avoid harmful labor contracts, understand warning labels and avoid being cheated at the marketplace. But more than that, through the class, women get to hear about Christ’s love for them. After they graduate, they’re also able to read God’s Word and grow in their relationship with Him. So far, the literacy book and literacy classes are available in about 16 languages, and more translations are in progress. Today, you can help more women in Asia learn how to read and write, and in so doing, they’ll find value in Christ.

Scales for Rent


Few South Asians have a scale of their own. When they need to weigh something, they go to the market and pay to use one. With your donation, a person who’s unable to find work can take this scale to the market and earn money by charging others to use it.

Fishing Net


Thousands of Asians rely on fishing to feed their families. The family who receives your gift can cast their net upon the waters every day and sell the fish they catch to the local markets.

Mosquito Net

$10 each

Malaria is transmitted through the bite of an infected mosquito. Offer people in Asia protection and a restful night’s sleep, free from the sting of infected mosquitoes. And because many families in Asia sleep in the same bed, it’s likely that each net you give will provide protection for a whole family.


Paddy Threshing Machine


A simple paddy-threshing machine removes rice grains from the stalks. The machine will help a farmer provide for his family.

“My financial condition is stable. I am able to save a little bit of money every time. I have sufficient resources, and my children are happy. I am happy. I am able to look after my family very well.” —Samuel


Pull Cart


Carts piled high with fruit, vegetables, clothing or handcrafted items are a frequent sight in South Asian cities. Working as a street vendor is a common way to make a living. Your purchase of a large pull cart will enable a poor man or woman’s business to flourish.

Bicycle Rickshaw


Many rickshaw drivers can’t afford to buy their own rickshaws—they must rent them and spend a chunk of their earnings doing so. With a rickshaw of their own, they won’t have to spend valuable time traveling to pick up their rental, and they get to take home more of their hard-earned money.

“We then decided rather than give each other Christmas gifts, we would give another family a rickshaw so they could better provide for their family. What a joy!” —Wade and Sheri M., Camarillo, CA


Tin Roof


Many families can’t afford good roofs for their homes. Purchase a lightweight yet sturdy tin roof for a family in need. The roofs provide reliable shelter during monsoon season.

Tool Kit


A tool kit includes an ax, shovel, saw, plow, sickle and crowbar. Having the right tools to plow, plant and harvest increases a farmer’s productivity, giving him more to sell and therefore more income to provide food, clothing, shelter and a better life for his family.

Weaving Loom


In some regions of South Asia, entire families make their living weaving cloth and sewing it into garments, handbags, hats and household items. With a sturdy weaving loom, they can produce these items faster, increase their profits and provide for their family’s needs.

Vocational Training Class


Gospel for Asia offers courses in practical fields such as fishing, welding and tailoring to both men and women. The courses help people get a better job than they could get before, and they can provide a better life for their families. In addition, the classes are taught in conjunction with the local church, so trainees also hear about the love of Jesus.



Lanterns are given to families in regions that have no electric power and to churches so believers can hold nighttime activities.

“With this lantern I will be able to study for longer time without putting much strain on my eyes.” —Miriam


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