Gifts for the Poor

Bless the Poor, and Share Christ

Bless the Poor, and Share Christ

From mosquito nets to water filters, from blankets to sewing machines, each of the items in this category is truly a gift of compassion. Not only does the recipient have a specific need met, they have a chance to hear about the redemptive love of Jesus—the best gift they could ever receive.


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Outdoor Toilet


Approximately 2.4 million deaths could be prevented annually if people had appropriate hygiene practices, including reliable sanitation. Nearly 20 percent of the world's population is forced to go to the bathroom out in the open. For only $160, you will help reduce the risk of common diseases by providing a family with an outdoor toilet. The external structure will vary, but each unit includes a dual-tank system for optimized sanitation.

BioSand Water Filters


Using concrete and sand, these BioSand water filters remove impurities, providing water for drinking and cooking that is 98 percent pure. Many poor regions of Asia have no source of pure drinking water and giving this filter can make all the difference. This act of kindness is done at a very reasonable price.

Sewing Machines Provide a Livelihood


You provide the sewing machine, they provide the labor. Within no time there’s money to purchase food for the children and to send them to school—with new clothes to boot!

Jesus Wells Change Whole Villages


Jesus Wells are a very cost-effective way to provide clean, fresh water for hundreds of people. These wells, located near a church or Bible college, give missionaries an opportunity to share the love of Christ with people in need of living water. Giving toward a well, or buying a complete well, makes a huge impact.

Widows and Abandoned Children


Blamed for her husband's death, a widow in South Asian society is viewed as cursed and left to fend for herself. Abandoned children face similar circumstances and are forced to provide for their own livelihood. These women and children need to hear that Jesus loves them. Your gift provides GFA-supported missionaries with the means to help these precious women and children.

Adult Tricycles Help the Lame


People who lose the use of their legs suffer greatly in South Asian society. They can no longer walk or ride a bike or a motorcycle, which are the most common modes of transportation in their countries. These tricycles are operated with the arms, rather than the legs. With your help, even a person who is lame will get where they need to go.

Blankets for Cold Nights


Millions of Asian homes have no heater, other than maybe a small fire for cooking. Purchasing a blanket will provide comfort and protection against the harsh, winter elements. Each one will help keep a person warm in their frigid climate.

Embroidery Machines Generate Income


Asian clothing is often enhanced with intricate designs. For centuries, the needlework was painstakingly completed by hand. But with your gift, this process can be greatly improved. This machine allows a seamstress or tailor to craft remarkably beautiful items to sell, helping to improve their standard of living.

Women's Literacy Fund Offers Hope


The women's literacy program, which has received positive recognition from government officials, is available to both women in the church and the community. To see a woman read the words of the Bible for the first time is priceless! You can provide more women with this opportunity through giving toward the women's literacy fund.

Scales for Rent


Few South Asians have a scale of their own. When they need to weigh something, they go to the market and pay to use one. With your donation, a person who’s unable to find work can take this scale to the market and earn money by charging others to use it.

Fishing Nets Are Very Handy


Millions of Asians rely on fishing to feed their families and to make an income. When you provide a fisherman with a net, he doesn’t have to rent or buy one, leaving more money for food and essential household needs.

Mosquito Nets Guard Against Malaria


Fine mesh nets offer protection from the sting of an infected mosquito and help with a restful night's sleep. Most households need several nets to protect everyone in the family. For only $10, you can save a person from the sickening agony of malaria—or even death.

Paddy Threshing Machine


Harvesting rice is a laborious process that requires hours of separating the grain from straw-like stalks. South Asian farmers have been doing this work by hand for thousands of years. With your help, they can save precious time by using a simple paddy thresher. This pedal-operated machine takes no more skill than riding a bicycle.

Pay Telephone Helps Pay Bills


Yes, they’re still used throughout Asia. And when a poor family installs a pay phone near their home, they can generate income for years. It's a way to provide extra income for the entire household.

Pull Carts Pull Goods


Carts piled high with fruit, vegetables, clothing or handcrafted items are a common sight in South Asia. Working as a street vendor is a great way to make a living. Yet many vendors struggle to earn enough money to even rent a cart. With his own cart, a street vendor can save time and keep the entire profit for his family.

Rickshaws for Hire


Driving a rickshaw is one of the few dignified jobs for people of low-caste and poverty-stricken backgrounds. Most drivers can never afford to buy their own rickshaws and can spend up to half a day's wages to rent one. With rickshaws of their own, they no longer have to wait in line for a rental, and they get to keep much more of their hard-earned money.

Tin Sheets Make Sturdy Homes


A good South Asian home is built using affordable materials that will withstand the harsh natural elements. That's why many roofs are made with tin sheets. The tin is lightweight and easy to install, yet durable enough to withstand the monsoon rains. For an Asian family, your gift of tin will go a long way.

LED Lights for Small Homes


Millions of the poorest of the poor live in rural villages with no electricity. Giving a simple LED light system, which operates on solar power, can provide enough light to brighten up a tiny home.

Tools for Work


More than half the people in most Asian countries work in agriculture. Whether they’re farming their own small plot of land or working for the landowner, they need the right tools for the job. A tool kit, which includes an axe, shovel, saw, plow, sickle, and crowbar, is only $80. Help increase their productivity by providing a tool kit or two.

Weaving Looms


Northeast India's tribal villages are known around the world for their beautiful, hand-woven textiles. Entire families make their living weaving cloth and sewing it into garments, handbags, hats and household items. Donating a weaving loom allows a family to produce these items faster, increase their profits, and provide for their needs.

Fertilizer Spray Pump


Applying liquid fertilizer to their crops can vastly improve the quality—and quantity—of food a farmer harvests. Your donation of a durable, lightweight spray pump impacts both the farmer and those who consume the tasty crops.

Vocational Training


A person unable to provide for his or her family can easily become hopeless, or even destructive. That's why vocational training is vital. GFA offers courses in practical fields such as fishing, welding and tailoring. The classes are taught in conjunction with the local church, so the students hear about the life-changing love of Jesus as they gain their new skill.

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